Insulated Glass


BI-Therm is a functional insulating glass which is made up of two or more flat glass plates, which are hermetically sealed at the edges. A drying agent is placed in the area between the glass plates – this ensures that even at low temperatures, no condensation will form in the area between the glass plates.

BI-ThermColor (bedrucktes Isolierglas)

BI-ThermColor is the name of an insulating glass coated with ceramic colours which is specially designed for sun protection and antiglare protection. The appearance of this glass is determined by the selection of colour and frit size of the coating, and its characteristics are also determined by the type and thickness of the glass. The advantages offered by the transmission characteristics of the customised sun-protection and antiglare glazing can result in considerable savings with regard to cooling costs.

Product description Bi-ThermColor

BI-Thermic (beheiztes Isolierglas)

BI-Thermic is the designation for heatable glass. The surface of the glass contains a conductive loop which can be of various thicknesses. When voltage is applied to this loop, the path of the conductor is heated, thus heating the entire plate of glass. Heatable glass is used as single-pane tempered safety glass in the automotive sector, and as laminated safety glass it can also assume characteristics such as being suitable for walking on or for protection against attack. Laminated safety glass is comprised of BI-Tensit single-pane tempered safety glass or BI-Hestral semi-tempered glass. It can be further processed to create heatable insulating glass in the construction sector.

Product description BI-Thermic