Construction glass

The utilisation of glass plays a large role in the appearance of modern architecture. This is due to the fact that the many characteristics of this material and its suitability for many different types of processing offer a wide range of possibilities for architects and planners. As a specialist in the field of glass finishing, BGT is able to take full advantage of this potential, making vision reality.

The foundation for the company’s innovative solutions lies in its expertise with materials and production. Efficient project management and the ability to organise complex logistics tasks are also among the great strengths of BGT. Thanks to its broad network of experts and suppliers, the company is also able to realise even the most unusual requests of its customers.

This is demonstrated by the countless national and international construction projects which BGT has undertaken in conjunction with renowned architects and façade planners – and its project portfolio is continually reinforced by new architectural highlights. For example, the company’s list of references includes Apple Stores worldwide, in such cities as London, Nagayo, Chicago and New York. BGT crosses frontiers – in more than just the geographical sense. Numerous projects have attracted international attention on account of their spectacular glass constructions, such as the Central Library in Seattle, the Milan Exhibition Centre and the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart.