Industry glass

With its outstanding expertise in all aspects of glass, BGT is a much sought-after partner around the world for many different industrial sectors. The field of vehicle manufacturing places particularly high demands on glass systems due to the fact that they play an important role in ensuring the security and comfort of driver and passengers alike. The company supplies components for buses, trains and caravans, while the glass cabins on tractors also utilise the series-production glasses from BGT.

The company’s product range also includes glass products for the rapidly growing solar energy market. With its comprehensive expertise, BGT is in perfect position to take advantage of this promising market of the future, creating solutions for the needs of the solar energy industry. This is equally true of the interior design, furniture and trade fair construction sectors, where BGT is also able to offer a wide-ranging array of products, including attractive partition walls, wall and ceiling panelling, glass display cases, signs and control systems.

When it comes to making the customer’s desires reality, BGT always relies on individualised project support: from product development, technical execution and design to logistics, BGT’s highly effective project management leads to optimum solutions. In addition to the high quality of its products, flexibility and speed are also essential components of the BGT corporate philosophy.